Welcome to Hempearth

Welcome to Hempearth

Indiegogo July 17 2017

Help Hempearth Build The World's First HEMP PLANE

This Will Be The Landing Page For Our Indiegogo Campaign Starting July 17th The 1st Hemp Plane Made From The Industrial Hemp Plant. Home Of The Hempearth Company The Largest Weed And Hemp Brand In The World.


We are doing something never done before

 Derek Kesek Founder Of Hempearth

Short Summary

Several large media outlets have covered our story, and now it is time to to construct the worlds first line of hemp aircrafts! Check out USA Today, The Toronto Star, The Tico Times, Ziggy Marley, The Discovery Channel's Daily Planet, HIGH TIMES, and others to see what they have to say about this incredible mission to put hemp in the skies.The world's first hemp airplane is making its inaugural flight from the one and only historic Kitty Hawk where aviation first began. Contribute to this campaign and you are making history. Through this campaign we wish to do more than just build a hemp plane, we want to bring awareness to the masses to let them know just how versatile, durable, and environmentally beneficial hemp is! 

From The Derek R. Kesek Foundation, First Hemp Phones, Hemp Foam, Hemp Nano Crystals And Hemp Graphene, Hempearth Is Doing It All And Has Created The Largest Weed And Brand On Earth.From Hemp Oil To Hemp Clothes Hempearth And Derek Kesek Are Here To Stay!


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The Derek R. Kesek Foundation


Your support and contributions to the Derek R. Kesek Foundation will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for humanity, mother earth and all whom live here. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Hempearth Culture

The Coke, Apple Or VIRGIN Of Weed And Hemp

Check Us Out In High Times Magazine #489 The Toronto Star And Usa Today

Indiegogo July 17 2017 1st HEMP PLANE

Help Us Build The 1st HEMP PLANE On Indiegogo This July 17 2017 Contribute To Our Project And Become Part Of History

Weed And Hemp Are The Future

We Have Become #1 Brand In The Weed And Hemp Industry Too

Become An Ambassador For Hempearth Group

Join Us And Become An Ambassador For The Hempearth Company. Not Only Are You Propelling Our Dreams, You Are Propelling Yours. We do things for all of humanity and mother earth and we are a beacon to all industry that it is a new era and no more will we do the same as before.

Hempearth Cryptocurrency, Foam, Phone, Graphene And Hemp Nano Crystals In Development Now

We are also in the development stages of the 1st Hemp Phone manufactured by The Hempearth Company.

Revolutionary, Innovative, Eco, Green And Sustainable

We are a company built solely on a weed and hemp platform, the first in the world. We do things no one else dares to do and we keep things exciting for everyone out there. We are company built by the people for the people and mother earth. We are all a reflection of each other and we are all in this together. 


See You All On Indiegogo July 17 2017 1st HEMP PLANE

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