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Hempearth ICO Launching Soon!

A Company Built For Humanity And Mother Earth

 The leader and #1 in the weed and hemp industry, the Hempearth company's main focus's are on cryptocurrency, aviation, air, land and see vehicles, encrypted computer ... 

Interac e-transfer

We now accept etransfer in Canada for our special bud oils and tinctures. Please contact for more details

Order 60, 120 or 180 Grams Of Cancer Healing Oils

When you order your 60, 120 or 180 grams of our special Hempearth bud/hemp oils you also receive 3 month consultation Free! You can place your order on our or through our website at or you can email us to place your order at Hempearth Weed Online Sales Begin July 2018


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Hempearth's 1st Initial Coin Offering Coming Soon!

You Can Now Order Through WhatsApp

Hempearth WhatsApp Contact

+506 8390 7179 Check our shop here and order through WhatsApp for 10% Discount.

1st Hemp Plane Project Relaunching On Kickstarter Soon

We are headed back to KICKSTARTER folks! We want to see all of you become Backers this round, both our previous Kickstarters were all or nothing campaigns and all funds contributed where returned. Same with final round coming up, if project doesn't reach funding goal all monies are returned.