I&LOVE&YOU: Chicken Me Out Pate Cat Food, 3 oz


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I&LOVE&YOU: Chicken Me Out Pate Cat Food, 3 oz

Product description

Made with whole meat and real fruits + vegetables, our grain free, protein-packed Chicken Me Out recipe will make your cat unconditionally love and adore you.

  • Grain Free –Absolutely no wheat, rice, rye, barley, or oats in sight. We don’t pack your pet’s food with grains just to bulk it up or help us save a buck or two.#ScoutsHonor
  • #1 Ingredient – Real Chicken! –Open up wide, buddy! It’s time for a big ol’ serving of chicken. That means a lot of protein, amino acids, and omega-6s to keep your pet’s energy up.
  • Carrageenan Free – We don’t use additives to thicken, emulsify, or preserve your pet’s food. Did you know it’s suuuuper toxic to your pet’s digestive tract?
  • Nutrient-rich –Hi, we’d like a giant order of real meat, vitamins, minerals, complex carbs, and healthy fats, please? Coming right up!
  • Filler Free –We don’t use fillers to bulk out your pet’s food to help us save a buck or two. There’s no nutritional value and it can contribute to obesity and lethargy.
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85g (3 oz)

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